Pre-Arrival Information


Telunas Private Island and Telunas Beach Resort

Please scroll down the page to discover unique information about each resort, which will make your stay more enjoyable.


Insider Tip for Ferry Ride

Sitting near the ferry’s exit doors will often allow you to exit the ferry and get through immigration quicker.


If You Are Arriving From Singapore

We recommend you arrive and check in at the ferry terminal in Singapore no later than 1-1.5 hours before your ferry departure to ensure you do not miss your ferry. Please send your ferry booking confirmation to


Travel To and From Telunas Resorts 

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Payment Terms and Conditions

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Meal Upon Arrival

Lunch or dinner will be served upon your arrival at the resort depending upon your arrival time.



Telunas intentionally does not offer WIFI at either resort. There are no televisions in the rooms. One of our unique distinctives is providing our Guests with a refuge from the hectic, incessant, over-plugged-in cadence of modern life today. If Guests must be connected you can purchase  local SIM card at the Ferry Terminal or use a personal internet plan with data.


How to Avoid Mosquitoes and Other Pests

Because our facilities are over the water, we rarely have problems with sand flies, gnats, and mosquitos. However, we do encourage Guests to bring bug repellant. Guests use mosquito repellant, baby oil or sand fly repellent. Sand flies ( sand gnats) are nearly impossible to see and bites are not normally felt until they swell and become irritated. While not everyone reacts to these bites, they often appear overnight or after you return home and resemble bed bug bites. If you forget your repellant, ask one of our staff. We can provide this for you.


What to Bring

Please bring your face masks. Our team will provide one bottle of hand sanitizer  for each Guest. Feel free to bring antibacterial wipes for your travels. Sunscreen and hats are a must. We are close to the equator so the sun is strong.  Packing can be light. Dress is very casual.


Luggage and Porters

When you arrive at the ferry terminal in Batam the Telunas staff will be ready to help handle your luggage. Please do not hire porters.


Travel Requirements Singapore – Batam

  • Vaccinated minimum 2 doses, at least 14 days before date of departure. Vaccinated exemption for Travelers under 18 years old traveling with fully vaccinated adults.
  • Effective 18 May 2022, all fully vaccinated travelers and non-fully vaccinated children (18 years old and below travelling with fully vaccinated adults) entering Indonesia via sea checkpoints will no longer be required to take a Pre-Departure Test (PDT) before departing for Batam.
  • Download Peduli Lindungi apps before departure.
  • On-arrival RT-PCR test required only for Travelers arriving with COVID-19 symptoms and/or body temperature above 37.5 degree Celsius, non-fully vaccinated travelers or recovered travelers.
  • Travelers that have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 30 days before departure and been declared no longer infectious are exempt from showing vaccination proof requirement and negative predeparture RT-PCR test result. Recovered Travelers are required to show recovery certificate from Government Hospital. However, Recovered Travelers are still subject to On-arrival RT-PCR test, and if tested positive will be subject to isolation at isolation hotel/facility. Recovered Travelers are still subject to five days quarantine if not fully vaccinated.


Visa On Arrival to Batam

You must show a valid Entry Visa for travelers whose nationality is NOT eligible for free visa or visa on arrival (VOA).

Travelers who are eligible for a free visa or VOA [listed below] may enter Batam for 30 days free leisure visa (not extendable). They are required to show a return ticket or one-way ticket to continue traveling to another country.

Brunei Darussalam









Travelers from the countries listed below may get a Leisure Visa on Arrival (VOA) for 30 days. The fee is IDR 500,000 and must be paid in cash (IDR). The VOA is extendable 1 time.

South Africa United States Saudi Arabia Argentina
Australia Netherlands Belgium Brazil
Brunei Darussalam Denmark Philippines Finland
Hungary India Vietnam Italy
Japan Germany Cambodia Canada
South Korea Laos Malaysia Mexico
Myanmar Norwegia France Poland
Qatar New Zealand Singapore Seychelles
Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan
Thailand China Timor Leste Tunisia
Turkey Greece Austria Bulgaria
Czech Estonia Hong Kong Ireland
Croatia Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Portugal Romania Cyprus
Bahrain Kuwait Oman Serbia
Belarus Egypt Peru Ukraine
Bosnia Morocco Russia Jorda
Slovakia Slovenia United Arab Emirates England


Albania Andorra Chile Ecuador
Iceland Liechtenstein Palestine San Marino
Suriname Uzbekistan Vatican


Booking Your Ferry to Batam
Book your international ferry, with the following details:

  • From Singapore: 11:10am ferry departure from Harbourfront Center (Singapore) to Sekupang (Batam)
  • Return to Singapore: 12:30pm ferry departure from Sekupang (Batam) to Harbourfront Center (Singapore)

Upon Arrival in Batam

  • Upon your arrival at Sekupang, our staff (wearing blue Telunas Polo shirts) will meet you at the arrival gate after you pass through immigration and assist you with the boat ride to Telunas. The boat ride will take approximately 80 minutes. 
  • Lunch will be served upon arrival at Telunas.

Departure from Telunas

  • The Telunas private boat will leave for Sekupang at 9:30am from Telunas, arriving at Sekupang around 11am
  • As of  26 April 2022, all fully vaccinated travelers and non-fully vaccinated children aged 12 and below entering Singapore via air or sea checkpoints will no longer be required to take a Pre-Departure Test (PDT) before departing for Singapore.
  • Return to Singapore on the 12:30pm Ferry which you have pre-booked. Print your boarding passes at the ferry counter.
  • All travelers must submit SG Arrival Card health and travel history declaration


Additional Information  For Telunas Private Island

Alcoholic Beverages at Telunas Private Island

At Telunas Private Island, we offer beer and a small selection of wine as well as mixed drinks and cocktails. 


Activities at Telunas Private Island 

Many activities are free at Telunas Private Island. If there are any extra a la carte activities (e.g., jungle hike, pottery lessons etc.) that you’d like to schedule please let your hosts know as soon as you make your booking. Click here for a complete list of activities.



Additional Information For Telunas Beach Resort

Alcoholic Beverages at Telunas Beach Resort

Telunas Beach Resort has cold beer available for purchase.


Activities at Telunas Beach Resort

If there are any extra a la carte activities (e.g., jungle hike, village tour, Malay lunch, etc.) that you’d like to schedule, please let your hosts know as soon as possible as these require at least 24 hour notice. All water-based activities at Telunas Beach Resort are available for an hourly rate.