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The Telunas Foundation

How Telunas is impacting Indonesia for a better tomorrow!

Here at Telunas, we are grateful for the gifted, talented, and creative people we have partnered with for the last 20 years. We have built wells, protected endangered sea turtles, taught hundreds of English classes, supplied sport equipment to local children, built athletic venues, repaired schools, replaced roofs for local islanders, provided computer labs, and sponsored college scholarships! In all of this, we have not only impacted the lives of hundreds of local villages and local ecosystems, but we have also been impacted for the better. Our guests feel the same.

Now we’re inviting you to be a part of the Telunas Foundation and together we can make an even bigger impact on our island and in our community!

Bringing sustainable positive impact to ecosystems, communities, and local economies

Villages Engaged With Community Development Work

Teenagers Hosted At Telunas Camps

Mangroves Planted To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Community Development

Mangrove Planting

Sea Turtle Conservation

Let’s create impact together!

150 SGD

can help

Enroll 1 Student In Our Year Long English Course

You can help enroll a student in a 2x per week English course for a full year! This pays the teacher salary, stationary, and all equipment. Currently 60 students are being taught in one village, and there are two additional villages wanting English classes!


Send 1 Teenager To Telunas Camp

You can help 1 teenager join the weeklong Telunas Camp. They receive training in life skills, the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, how to take care of the environment, and much more!

750 SGD

can help

Sponsor A Money Management Workshop For 20 Families

Many villagers are poor due to poor money management skills and not because of low income. You can help sponsor a Money Management Workshop for 20 participants. Participants also receive one-on-one mentoring after the workshop ends.


Recycle Plastic In A Local Village

You can empower teams to collect plastic from villages around Telunas, creating powerful examples to communities of how to recycle in a sustainable way and keep trash out of the ocean.


Plant 5000 Mangroves To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

You can help facilitate the planting of 5,000 mangroves in the villages and areas around Telunas.

1,500 SGD

can help

Give 1 Student A University Scholarship

You can help a student go to university for one year. This includes workshops to help learn soft skills that will be needed for life after university.


Sponsor Marriage Counseling For 20 Couples

You can help sponsor marriage counseling for 20 couples. We meet throughout the year to talk through relationship problems, and empower these couples to have healthy marriages

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