Do I need a passport?
Yes. To enter Indonesia you will need your passport. It must have a validity date for more than 6 months from your arrival date.
Do I need to bring water with me?
At Telunas Private Island each guest room has a water dispenser with filtered hot or cold water. Bring your favorite water bottle and fill it up every day. At the Beach Resort, self-service coffee and tea and room temperature water is available 24-hours at the common area.
Do kids stay free?
Children 4 years and younger stay for free. 5-17 year olds are charged a per person children’s rate
Does your kitchen meet halal requirements?
Yes. our kitchen meet halal requirements.
How do I get to the resorts?
Your trip begins at the Sekupang Domestic Ferry Terminal. Upon your arrival at Sekupang, our staff (wearing blue Telunas Polo shirts) will accompany you on either a chartered boat or a local ferry departing at 12.30 pm on your journey to Telunas. For specific details visit
Is medication needed before the trip, malaria?
There is no required medication needed to visit Telunas. Please contact your healthcare provider for his recommendations.
Is there a refrigerator in the villa?
There is no refrigerator in the villas however we can store your drinks in Telunas’ refrigerator in our restaurant.
Is there Wifi?

WiFi is available via Starlink in select public areas at Telunas Resorts, providing the convenience you need to touch base with loved ones, share your stunning vacation photos, or keep up with important updates. Do note, WiFi speeds may be limited and experience outages due to bad weather occasionally.

What is the check-in/check-out time?
Check-in time is 2PM and check-out time is 9AM .
Where is the ferry to Batam in order to reach the Telunas Resorts Malay boat?
The ferry to Batam is in Singapore and is called Harbourfront Terminal. We recommend you arrive and check in at Harbourfront Terminal in Singapore no later than 1-1.5 hours before your ferry departure to ensure you do not miss your ferry. Go through immigration as soon as your ferry is available. Make sure you have forwarded your ferry booking confirmation to
What payment methods do you take?
Telunas Resorts receives payments in cash (Rupiah/IDR), credit card (VISA, MasterCard, and onsite AMEX), debit card, or bank transfer with the details below: Bank Central Asia Account name: PT Island Connections International Account number: 0611699297
What is the pricing for each resort?
Are baby cots (cribs) available?
Yes. Please let us know in advance of your need.
Are meals included?
There is a required meal plan that must be purchased whether you are staying at Telunas Private Island or Telunas Beach Resort. This charge is in addition to the nightly room charge. At Telunas Private Island it is IDR 940k++ per adult per day and IDR 400k++ per child, per day. At Telunas Beach Resort it is  IDR 630k++ per adult per day and IDR 300k++ per child, per day.
At Telunas Private Island what is the bedding?

Telunas Beach Resort has queen beds and bunk beds in their rooms. Please check Beach Resort rooms.

Private Island has king beds and twin beds in their rooms. Please check Overwater Villas and Ridge Villas

Can I charter (or bring my own) yacht to get to Telunas?
Yes. but we are unable to arrange this for you. You will need to clear immigration in Nongsa Point, Batam which can take several hours if sailing from Singapore. Please email us for more information.
How are the two properties different (and the same)?
Both properties offer over-water accommodations, amazing staff and lots of water activities. Telunas Private Island has a more upscale feel, offers an over-water spa experience. and provides dining options from a menu. There is an ocean front infinity pool to enjoy. There is also a free Kid’s Club. Telunas Beach Resort has a more rustic feel and dining is offered buffet style in our sea view over-water dining room. There is a beautiful beach and lots of water activities. For more information visit
Is there a cost for water activities?
At Telunas Private Island, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards are included in your stay for no additional charge. At Telunas Beach Resort there is an added charge for kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.
What is our maximum occupancy?

The maximum occupancy  is 5 people staying in Overwater Rooms, Overwater Bungalows, Overwater Bungalows with Balcony at the Beach Resort, and Overwater Villas at the Private Island.  We can provide an extra mattress for the floor. Room rate is for two adults only, extra person charges apply. Children 4 years and younger stay for free. 5-17 year olds are charged a per person children’s rate.

Check our website for more details on the room maximum occupancy. 

Beach Resort rooms.

Overwater Villas and Ridge Villas at the Private Island

What is included in the price?
Pricing includes three components; room rate, food and beverage and transportation. There are additional activities available at each property.
  • Telunas Beach Resort: Complimentary activities include deck fishing , beach games, low rope course and beach bonfire.
  • Telunas Private Island: Complimentary Kids Club, kayak and stand up paddle board rental, daily guest activities, including visiting our sister property, Telunas Beach Resort.
Tell me about the pottery activity at Telunas Beach Resort.
To enjoy a pottery lesson you must book in advance. A Guest must sign up by 2pm to join the pottery lesson on the following day. It cost Rp 225.000++ per person with minimum cost Rp 500.000++ and it takes around 45 minutes. Usually, tiles are created that will be donated to the island nearby when we are doing a work project.
Is there an earlier ferry from Singapore?
Due to the remoteness of our location and the regular stream of international guests, we have found it necessary to streamline the times of our Telunas Resorts domestic transport boat to the schedule noted here.
Is there any doctor on the island?
No. The closest medical help could be reached in 20 minutes by boat from Telunas. Our staff has wilderness training and certified first responder training. We also have a partnership with ISOS that is available for call 24 hrs. For urgent cases, our boat can immediately transfer guests to Batam, and we can help to arrange the fastest connecting ferry to Singapore.
Can I stay at both the Private Island and Beach Resort?
Yes! We just require a 3 night minimum stay for staying at both properties. For example, you could stay 1 night at Telunas Beach Resort followed by 2 nights at Telunas Private Island. 2 nights must be consecutively at the same property.
Can I stay for one night only?
Telunas Resorts has a two-night minimum stay policy in order to ensure the best Telunas experience possible. Considering the location of Telunas and the transit required, our guests repeatedly tell us that one night is not quite long enough. They indicate that a 2-4 night stay is ideal, with some lingering as long as a week.
Can you manage dietary concerns?
We’re pleased to accommodate many dietary concerns at both of our properties, including those requiring gluten free, vegetarian, and other special diets. Our kitchen staff can also meet  halal requirements.  Please mention your dietary needs in the booking notes of your reservation and our Reservations staff will follow-up with you.
Can we arrive with earlier or later ferry?
There are 2 legs of trips from Singapore to Telunas: International ferry and Telunas private boat. Hence, we suggest our guests take the ferry schedule at 11.10am for arrival and at 12.30pm for the return that align well with Telunas Private Boat which transfers guests once a day
Private: Is there any snorkeling/ scuba diving?
We do not offer or recommend Scuba diving at Telunas Resorts. The water is not conducive to it. Masks and snorkels are provided for snorkeling.