Kampung Kids Club, a Place That Gives Your Child a Beautiful World to Experience

By Yogaku

We love hearing your children giggle as they order their favorite ice cream. We love seeing them play in the sand. We love watching their faces get serious as they paint seashells. We love watching them run around looking for the treasure hidden in the sand. Let’s face it–we love your kids!

Fun, creative and adventurous–those three things fill the world of your little ones while they are at the Kid’s Club at Telunas Private Island.

Your little ones will learn about a lot of things in a very fun way. When they arrive, they will be greeted by the sand and sea… and by our Kid’s Club staff, Eva and Linda.

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Each morning, kids become the king or queen for the day. They can choose from a variety of activities or games. Some will enjoy board games, coloring or hearing a story read by Eva or Linda, while others will be busy playing in the sand or climbing trees.

Wait, not only that…Eva or Linda will also be happy to introduce them to some traditional games from Indonesia, such as Mancala or Cublak-Cublak Suweng. Isn’t it fun to have experience learning some new traditional games from locals? After lunch, there is more fun. Painting and crafts are a blast! Sometimes Eva and Linda will take kids out to hunt hermit crabs and release them again in fun hermit crab races.

The Kid’s Club introduces children to eco-tourism and crowns them as little “eco-friendly tourists”. The Kid’s Club recycles material for crafting–like cardboard and bottle caps. It’s like magic. Kids make racing cars, binoculars or colorful animals out of recycled materials. Colorful bottle caps can become a fun wind chain and a plastic bottle can be transformed into a piggy bank. Almost all of the materials can be found around the house, so when they are back home, they can continue to create crafts…and think of Telunas.

While the kids are busy having fun, parents can relax by the pool or take a couples massage at the overwater spa without worrying about their children. At 5 pm, kids and parents are reunited and can share all the fun they had during the day. This is the time when every child becomes a great storyteller.

Most of the children at Kid’s Camp have so much fun they don’t want to stop playing there. We are not surprised. They find a happy place that suits them, a place where they can giggle all day long, create beautiful friendships with other kids, have a fun adventure and create works of art. Kids and parents can check the schedule each day on the blackboard in front of the Kid’s Club.

Telunas Kid’s Club – a place that gives your child a beautiful world to experience.

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Yogaku, Telunas Private Island’s Team Leader for Guest Relations. Yogaku has worked for Telunas for 3 years.  She has a gift for photography and painting. She loves to make every Guest’s stay special. She especially loves getting to know Guests and providing them with her paintings that celebrate the Guest’s birthday, anniversary and other special occasions.